Package net.sourceforge.sasi

Class Summary
SASIEval Provides methods to evalutes an expression to true or false.
SASIInterpreter This class provides methods for parsing and evaluting aicc_script expressions used in SCORM 1.2 HashMap hm = new HashMap(); hm.put("s1", "passed"); hm.put("s2", "failed"); **OO style** SASIInterpreter sasi = new SASIInterpreter("s1&s2"); sasi.create(); sasi.interpret(hm); ***static style*** SASIEval se = SASIInterpreter.create("s1&s2"); SASIInterpreter.interpret(se, hm);
SASIParser CUP v0.10k generated parser.
SASISym CUP generated class containing symbol constants.